Fostering Aloe In Their Natural Habitat

Aloe Council of South Africa

What we do !

Our mission at ACSA includes:

> Fostering aloes in their    natural habitat,

> Investing in and uplifting    rural tapper communities  

> Ensuring sustainable    commercial use of the    plants,

> Environmental protection,

> Promoting scientific    research and knowledge    within the aloe industry,

> To protect the interest of    the industry in South Africa    by defining professional    certification standards for    aloe products.

“To develop a globally competitive and sustainable Aloe industry

in South Africa ”

> is to promote the diverse    interests of its members

> is to establish, promote and    foster sound and professional    standard for industrial    manufacturing and processing    of aloe products, inter alias,    consistent with the goal of    preserving and protecting the    environment and maintaining    sound and fair labour    practices.

> is to encourage and promote    research and the active    dissemination of information.

> is to establish and promote a    certification program for the    certification of of aloe products    and the display of the    certification trademark on all    approved products and    literature.

Our Directors Are:

Our Vision

ACSA’s main aim

Our Members Are:

Our Secretary Is:

Each of the marketed aloe products that carry the ACSA accredited certification Trade mark will be seen as an honest product; that it has the actual aloe content stated on the packaging, that the aloe content complies with the South African National Standard for Aloe Raw Materials and that only reasonable and responsible health claims are made.

Certification Vision

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Aloe Council

Defining Professional Certification Standards

For Aloe Products