Fostering Aloe In Their Natural Habitat

Aloe Council of South Africa

Drawing on this natural goodness and growing from this strength, the company has branched out from manufacturing basic Aloe raw materials into Aloe health drinks and a unique range of healthy value-added Aloe ...

Mr A.du Plessis - African Aloe

In the heart of South Africa, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban society lie the serene fertile lands of the rural Limpopo province. In this tranquil natural environment, the best Aloe Vera plants are CULTIVATED ORGANICALLY .

Mr P. Viljoen - Aloway

Aloe Ferox is a family owned business that strives to provide high-quality affordable products. We strive to maintain the highest manufacturing standards while never losing touch with our family of agents and clients.

Mr S Coetzee  - Aloe Ferox

We manufacture and sell high quality products that are safe and economical. With the prudent use of all our natural resources we ensure that the right product is always available at the right time, at the right price.

Mr C. Joubert  - House of Aloes


Manufacturer of raw Aloe products

Mr Ken Dodds - Kaloes

To unlock the potential of South African plants to improve quality of life through the research, manufacture & distribution of natural cosmetics & pharma and to ensure a profitable growth by delivering superior distributor/customer service, innovation, quality & commitment.

Ms G. Forbes - Kalahari

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