Fostering Aloe In Their Natural Habitat

Aloe Council of South Africa

What ACSA can offer its members

farmer, tapper or end user manufacturer,  together ensuring sustainable commercial use of the plants, environmental protection, promoting scientific research and knowledge within the aloe industry and protecting the interest of the industry in South Africa by defining professional certification standards for aloe products.

It is our aim to facilitate and work closely with all those persons and companies who are involved within the aloe industry, whether as a  

Membership Categories

Members Code of Ethics

>  Support the aims and objectives of ACSA

>  Obtain prior approval for any  use of the ACSA Certification label

>  Ensure integrity and honesty in product formulations and market presentations

>  Practice fair and responsible standards including  compliance with all labour legislation

>  Maintain and improve the quality of our activities, products and services

>  Practice responsible environmental behaviour

>  Help promote awareness of the Aloe Council of South Africa to our staff, customers, suppliers  and stakeholders

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Defining Professional Certification Standards

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